Risk Management and Liability Workshop: Toronto 2018

May 11, 2018
Risk Management and Liability workshop

Every school must have a comprehensive risk management policy which enables the proper management of all risks and hazards faced by that particular school. Risks have to be identified, assessed, eliminated or managed, and the entire process must be recorded. Every individual on the school compound, staff member or student, has some responsibility for the identification, reporting, and management of risk although principals carry most of the responsibility.

The Ministry of Education, the Board of Management and the principal of each school should arrange adequate insurance coverage for the school and its contents. They should also ensure that any relevant legal liability, such as public liability, is fully covered. Each school owes a common law duty of care to all its users.

To this end, they establish committees which deal with occupational health and safety risks and emergency management in each school. The Board of Management and the principal of each school must also take various measures to create a safe and productive learning environment.

About Us
  • ISP Educational Solutions is the leader for almost 20 years in providing schools all over Canada the software to manage their international students, homestays, and agents.
  • Customer support and product development are provided by a team of over 20 people, part of a larger organization including Round13 Capital.
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  • We take pride in having Paul Robinson the founder of ISP Database, and currently, Ambassador of ISP Educational Solutions to share with us all the experience he has gathered along the 20 years while working closely with schools all over Canada dealing with international students.
Our Team
Remus Lechintan
Remus has been working in Services and IT industry for over 20 years. He is a result orientated CEO with experience in leading high-performance teams, and increasing efficiency and productivity. An inspiring, motivational manager with first-rate interpersonal skills, he has the ability to continuously develop the performance of any company he manages.
Paul Robinson
Since 1997, Paul Robinson has specialized in developing highly customized database software, including the International Student Program Database™, for the Canadian international education community. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of the international education business, and for being a trusted, innovative partner to his clients.
Homestay Features


  • Online Homestay Application Form and Application Processing
  • Homestay Data Management
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Audit Log
  • Settings


  • Online application for your future homestay parents
  • The host families can upload home & family pictures
  • Online tracking by the host families of  their application status (pending/approved or rejected)

Homestay Application Form Video


One administrative portal to:

  • Online review and processing of homestays’ parents applications
  • Custom Datasheet view with host families; the view can be arranged individually by each user
  • Match your homestays’ and students’ based on their preferences and availability
  • Edit basic Host family details
  • Manage family members information
  • Add notes about your homestays
  • Upload host family pictures
  • Document repository to store various documents in one place

Homestay Employee Dashboard Video