A Short History of the ISP Database

May 19, 2017

Robinson & Robinson Inc. was incorporated in 1993 in British Columbia. In the beginning the company developed and supported systems for the forestry industry in BC. In the next couple of years, new clients (mostly mining companies, and hospitals and clinics) started using the database.


The big turning point happened in 1997 in a class in which Paul Robinson was teaching database technology. At that moment, someone from West Vancouver School District international Student Program was in the class to learn about databases. In the conclusion of the class that person asked if Paul could come her School District to help her create a database for managing the International Student Program.

From that early start the database expanded across BC, and year after year the number of School Districts in the province of British Columbia continued to grow. The expansion across British Columbia was, to a large extent, accelerated by word of mouth, and by very positive testimonials.

Starting with 2004, ISP Database received requests from more and more institutions with a wide variety of requirements for advanced database software with functionality to satisfy their specific needs. These institutions included Community Colleges, Universities and ESL Schools. The growth of the ISP Database continued with the addition of Institutes of Technology, Religious Schools, and Study Abroad/Exchange Programs.

By the summer of 2013 were no fewer than 24 School Districts in BC using the ISP Database. From this point forward ISP Database expanded across Canada, into other School Districts. There was even a point when in the province of Nova Scotia where all seven school Boards were using the ISP Database for running their International Student Programs.

As the client base grew, so did the ISP Database development team. ISP database sought top notch developers to join the team, and over the years there were more than eight programmers, and two admin support team members.