Is ISP Cloud user-friendly? How much user training does it require?

Jun 06, 2018
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ISP Cloud is user-friendly and intuitive, automating a variety of functionalities to make your job easier.

ISP Cloud replicates the ISP Database functionalities. So for an Access Database user, the transitions from one system to the other would be smooth. In that regard, if you need an upgrade, there will be an easy upgrade and without much training necessary. ISP Cloud provides for the user a similar experience with Access.

For both Access users or new users, the ISP Cloud makes their job easier. The web application has an organized and intuitive structure. It allows the user to add, view or edit the necessary information. You can work with details about students, agents, or host families. Training a new user may depend on the knowledge of the user itself. Yet, the interface allows simple navigation and easy usage. It behaves like an app which enables you to work with information and view reports.

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