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Jun 06, 2018
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Datasheet views are available in multiple modules. You can find them in students, agents, homestay, and schools. For ISP Cloud, the datasheet view comes with a predefined set of available fields. Data brought into the datasheet view is made available based on the school year set on screen in the top-right corner, or based on the filter for school year if it is active. If no details are available for the school year or filters set up, the datasheet view will not display any information.


For each individual module the available fields in the datasheet view will include data relevant to the module you’re accessing. For example, for students, you will find student details, custodian information, parent and siblings details, and so on.


In each datasheet view the fields are in alphabetical order. ISP Cloud is a web-based system, which enables you to search for a certain field by using the native browser search (usually activated by using a combination of CTRL+F).


When using the system for the very first time, the datasheet view will have a default set of fields visible. On the left side of the screen, the fields in datasheet view are available in a quick menu; all active fields are marked with an eye icon (datasheet views eye-open). Inactive fields have a dash (–). To activate or deactivate fields based on your preferences, you will need to toggle the eye icon/dash.

Once you decide on the columns you need, you can arrange them in your preferred order. To do that, click on the header of the column, and drag it left or right. Drop the column(s) according to your preferences. In the end, click on the Save preferences button to save all the changes made.

The Reset preferences button will take you back to the default settings for the datasheet views, effectively removing any and all changes previously made.


When searching for information in the datasheet view, clicking on the column name will order the available information ascending (datsheet views caret-arrow-up) or descending (datasheet views caret-down). A small arrow is available on each column as indicator to the sort type.


The datasheet views offer you to option to display a different number of entries per page. The default number of entries is set to 25. You can set the view of the datasheet to show 10 entries, 50, 75, 100, or All. However, the number of views per page is reset each time you go to another tab or module.


You can export details from the datasheet views into csv files, or into Excel documents. The Excel documents retrieve data similar to the csv files. You can export all data at once, by selecting “All” as view for information. The system exports data based on the school year (or school year filter) as well as based on the filters applied on the datasheet columns.

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